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Preschool Karate

3-5 years, Tuesdays at Thornleigh & Thursdays at Pennant Hills

4:00 pm

Increase the amount of physical activity in your child's routine with this exciting Preschool Karate Program.

By watching, listening to instruction and trying, students gain fundamental movement skills that form the basis of martial arts and physical activities in general. Syllabus is repeated in different ways to encourage retention and is reinforced with age-appropriate games.

This program encourages a life-long love of physical activity and is a terrific head-start for all sports. It also includes school readiness skills such as cooperation, taking turns and focus. Children develop confidence through gaining skill and performing in front of the class and their friends and families.


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Tuesdays at Thornleigh & Thursdays at Pennant Hills.

5-6 years,
7-9 years, 5:15pm.

Karate Kidz

Children love these 45 minute classes that develop movement skills, body awareness and aim to maximise participation for every child.

Instructions, games and drills are specifically developed for our young martial artists - including self-defence and karate techniques. ‘Focus’ features at the forefront of this curriculum and directly aids focus in the classroom at school. Karate Kidz are also guided into our beginner-friendly competition, the ‘All Star Karate League’ (ASKL) where they can learn to compete in a great environment focussed on growth and development.

5-6 year olds  and 7-9 year olds are designated their own separate class times with our instructors to maximise their progress.

Karate Kidz are also welcome to attend Classic Karate and Jiu-Jitsu.


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10-13 years,
Tuesdays at Thornleigh & Thursdays at Pennant Hills

6:00 pm

Beginners are welcome all year round in our most energetic class at Evolution Martial Arts. These high-energy sessions develop focus, fitness, martial techniques and sparring strategy. Cadets are also encouraged to attend Classic Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Performance Kata at no extra cost.

Teachers work towards all of our students becoming equipped with skills for karate and the classroom.  

Events, Camps, Seminars, Competitions and Travel are available to all. In 2016 this group visited the prestigious Meitoku-Gijuku High School in Japan for 2-weeks of karate training and immersion into Japanese school life.


Karate Cadets
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Kidz, Cadets and Shoto all welcome, Mondays at Thornleigh at regular training time.

Jiu-jitsu offers students the opportunity to expand their martial arts knowledge from stand-up techniques to include ground work.

All ages and abilities can enjoy this traditional wrestling which has become hugely popular over the past few years.


Classes are practical with plenty of opportunity to apply new skills and work with a variety of partners.


Shoto Club
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All ages 14 and up,
Tuesdays at Thornleigh

7:00 pm

The traditional aspects of karate: kihon, kumite and kata are upheld with a modern understanding of fitness development and injury prevention.

Elements of Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing are integrated into this program. Students wear a karate uniform and belt and progress through the grading syllabus to black belt and beyond.


Social, energetic and addictive: Shoto Club should be added to your weekly routine. 

Shoto Club members are encouraged to join our Jiu-Jitsu, Classic Karate and Sugar Ray's Boxing classes at no extra cost - providing a well-rounded mixed martial arts program.


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All ages 14  and up,
Tuesdays at Thornleigh & Thursdays at Pennant Hills

7:00 pm

Boost your fitness fast with a fun and tension-relieving workout!

Sugar Ray's Boxing is suitable for all fitness levels. Experienced boxing instructors teach punching and defensive skills in a non-contatct class. Safely develop cardio fitness & strength whilst boosting your metabolism. Add this class to your weekly routine and we will do the rest!

Designed for fast fitness results and for feeling great. Perfect me-time for mums and dads. No boxing experience needed. Evolution Martial Arts gloves/pads available for use as required. We recommend your own glove inners or hand wraps.


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