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A workout for your body and mind
At Evolution Martial Arts, not only can you expect to learn time-honoured self-defence techniques that will increase your physical fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and confidence, but also the art of mental discipline.
All of EMA’s programs are designed to promote the development of a keen mind-body awareness,  an invaluable life skill for the young and old alike.


Excellent instructor-student ratio sets every student on path to success

EMA prides itself on the superior standard of coaching offered by its highly experienced instructors, many of whom have trained extensively under world-leading karate and boxing experts.

To ensure maximum motor skill development, our programs are developed in conjunction with sports scientist and primary educator expert input. This guarantees younger students receive the level of personalised attention they need to progress confidently, avoid developing improper technique and hone their skills quickly and safely, in order to pursue martial arts at advanced levels for life-long enjoyment.

World-class instruction on your doorstep

EMA enjoys strong ties with a variety of select martial arts instructors from around the globe.

In addition to regular gradings, All Star Karate League (ASKL) workshops and our ASKL competitions, we host training seminars with national and international instructors. Our students have the chance to learn and train alongside the world’s best while making life-long friends.

Students are also offered optional interstate and overseas travel opportunities.


Developing Community Leaders


Teamwork, responsibility and organisational skills are ingrained in our programs. We offer opportunities for committed students to take on leadership roles within their peer group and in instructing younger students. Developing physical skills, self-confidence and leadership are paramount in program development at EMA.

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