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The All Star Karate League (ASKL) is an in-house tournament circuit that runs year-round. 

It is specifically designed for novice competitors. One of the major goals of the ASKL is to provide children with the skills necessary to thrive in a competitive environment.

At Evolution Martial Arts, we provide our students with experiences and methods to better deal with competition stressors.

We reward participation and effort. By focusing on more than just trophies and prizes we allow children the opportunity to see how tremendously rewarding competition can be.

It is an opportunity to focus on how your skills are improving over time, to develop new friendships, enjoy the feeling of participating, strengthen your character and be recognised for your consistent efforts.

Winning, losing and sometimes breaking even are part of everyday life… and being comfortable in competition is a distinct advantage.

Students at Evolution Martial Arts learn how to gain from experiences despite walking away without a trophy, and also how to win and maintain friendships (to be a respected champion).

At EMA every child is successful if they work hard and remain dedicated.



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